About RegenMD

About RegenMD


The staff at RegenMD in Potomac, Maryland offers a full spectrum of regenerative treatments to alleviate pain, improve functionality and help you return to a physically active lifestyle. Our team includes board-certified orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists. We are ready to help you harness your body’s healing potential and regenerative capabilities, with the latest cutting-edge treatments to stimulate your body’s ability to repair itself. Our RegenMD providers use a multidisciplinary approach and create a customized treatment plan to address your individual health needs.

The RegenMD providers offer nonsurgical, minimally invasive regenerative treatments, plus a full suite of traditional orthopedic solutions, and physical therapy, when necessary. The goal of treatment is to regenerate and restore the health of your musculoskeletal system to its optimal performance.

Regenerative therapies include innovative treatments like stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, prolotherapy, dry needling, and more.  The team at RegenMD also offers courtesy concierge medical services if you are visiting the clinic from out of town.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff at RegenMD are dedicated to educating you with choices to help alleviate your pain, improve your functionality, and get you back onto the field or into a healthier, physically active lifestyle.


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7811 Montrose Road, Suite 330, Potomac, Maryland 20854



7811 Montrose Road, Suite 330
Potomac, MD 20854
Phone: 240-552-6200
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