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Fascial Stretch Therapy: The difference between running in either tight jeans or leggings

fascial stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy: The difference between running in either tight jeans or leggings

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a pain-free and relaxing form of bodywork. Unlike traditional massage therapy, clients remain fully clothed during the manual  assisted stretching techniques. Your body will relax, as the RegenMD therapists move your body to unwind and deeply access your fascia, along with your healing breath.

This therapy stretches the fascia, a fibrous tissue that runs all along the body. The facia is a crucial element to health. In fact, the health and function of your muscles, joints, arteries, veins, spinal cord and brain result from the vitality of your fascia.

FST rejuvenates the entire body

Fascial Stretch Therapy, or FST is often used to:

● Re-align and reorganize fascia to improve overall mobility

● Improve functional mobility and posture as we age

● Provide quick and effective pain relief

● Increase flexibility, speed and performance in athletes

● Reduce stress and improve quality of sleep

● Eliminate trigger points and decrease muscle soreness

● Improve relaxation and activate muscles.

Remarkable patient experience and results

If the fascia is tight, it is harder for muscles to move around freely, which is why it is so crucial to stretch it out. The therapy is like the difference between running with comfortable leggings versus running with tight jeans. Patients have had remarkable experiences with this form of therapy, particularly with the providers on the team.

One patient said:

"Marcus Elliott has been working with me for about 6 years. No question he has improved the quality of my life. The stretching, strength work and massage have not only eliminated the need for medication but has allowed me (age 79) to drive a golf ball almost like a 50-year-old. Not only that but Marcus is kind and listens to your body in his treatments.”
(Jimmy Pittleman - Attorney At Law)

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