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Have you ever wondered why a particular diet plan is working for your friend but has not helped you at all? We all inherit traits from each one of our parents. These combined traits become a chemical blueprint that is called DNA. Your DNA makes up more than 20,000 genes which each carry instructions for a single protein that together determine our looks and how our bodies function. DNA holds information about you that can be used to help identify which foods and exercises are best for YOUR body.

DNA Weight Loss and Exercise Q&A

What Information Can DNA Testing Provide?

DNA testing for weight loss can help determine what healthy eating plan is right for you and which exercise routines will yield the best results for you. With the right nutrient balance, and workout routine designed specifically for you, you can reach your goals and even exceed them.  Stop the guessing yoyo dieting and get on with living an active and healthy life.

How Is My DNA Obtained?

A simple cheek swab can identify which plan is right for you. It will tell us what the proper macronutrient breakdown is that leads to an effective weight loss plan and which exercise modalities will yield the best results for you.

Who Should Have DNA Testing For Weight Loss & Exercise?

If you are considering a weight loss plan and exercise program it’s a good idea to have a DNA test beforehand. The test looks at your bodies specific genes to determine what plan and exercise program will give you the best, long lasting results. If you are looking for a complete weight loss plan, exercise program and all around healthy lifestyle change then contact the professionals at RegenMD today.

What Can I Expect From a Weight Loss Plan & Exercise Program at RegenMD?

  • DNA Profile Screening
  • Dexa Scan / Body Fat Analysis
  • Nutrition Counseling & Detailed Meal Plan
  • Online Exercise Program with Coaching
  • Supplements / Medications if appropriate
  • Medically Supervised