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MLS Laser Therapy

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If you have chronic pain in your feet and ankles, recently had an injury, or need to recover from a surgical procedure, you may benefit from MLS laser therapy. RegenMD’s orthopedists and nurse practitioners offer these innovative regenerative treatments in their Potomac, Maryland office. Request an evaluation, or call RegenMD to determine if MLS laser therapy is right for you.

MLS Laser Therapy Q & A

What is MLS laser therapy?

Multiwave locked system (MLS) laser therapy is an FDA-cleared solution for relieving pain and inflammation. Treatments utilize dual wavelengths of infrared light to penetrate deep below the surface of your skin, into underlying bones and tissues.

This laser energy stimulates cell regeneration, which ultimately encourages new tissue development. MLS laser therapy even improves blood circulation, further stimulating healing and pain reduction. 

What can MLS laser therapy treat?

MLS laser therapy is entirely non-invasive, painless, and effective for treating a realm of different musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative conditions including:

  • Musculoskeletal pain, muscle strains and tears
  • Certain neurological issues, like neuropathy
  • Degenerative joint conditions, including arthritis
  • Ligament injuries, like a sprained ankle
  • Tendon injuries, including Achilles tendinitis

MLS laser therapy is also beneficial for improving healing and shortening your recovery time after orthopedic surgery. In some cases, MLS laser therapy can treat deep tissue wounds and diabetic ulcers.  

How long does it take MLS treatments to work?

MLS laser therapy treatments are known for being comfortable and relaxing – in fact, some people note that they feel like they are getting a warm massage, so they leave their session feeling more relaxed.

While you should start noticing an improvement shortly after your first MLS laser therapy session (15 minute sessions), it can take up to 1-3 visits start noticing an improvement. Most patients feel better and gradually experience less pain and inflammation immediately after each visit.

To achieve optimal results, 2-3 appointments/week are often recommended for a period of 6 weeks, depending on the injury and size of treatment area. Your RegenMD provider is highly skilled and addresses a custom treatment plan for each patient. Schedule a consultation to learn more by booking online or calling for an appointment.
* Individual results may vary.


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